We are all searching for an identity. For women this is often coming from our physical appearance because we have been culturally trained to believe our value is directly related to our looks. Thinking this way quickly becomes draining due to the standard of beauty/health that the world uses. It is unrealistic, unsustainable, and most importantly was not God’s idea. In our consumer-driven society, we do not know the difference between “want” and “need”, running to the latest trends and products. Often, we treat our bodies in a similar manner. We see it as another product we would like to change, mold, or maybe even throw away and buy another. 

We do what we can to change the outside in order to feel better or pretend to feel better about ourselves on the inside. The results of this thinking are yo-yo diet plans and strict workout regimens- only to end in gaining back the weight you worked so hard to work off (and then some). 

The food production companies do not make it easier for us to figure out what our body needs. We are surrounded by boxes of processed foods, packed with white sugars, starches, and salts, that our bodies were never meant to process. These types of food result in a toxic environment for your body making it vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. 

Unfortunately, our culture labels people based on their outward beauty, with little to no emphasis on what’s inside. But have you ever considered the relationship between what you put in your body and how it affects your appearance? What is going on inside your body? How is it functioning? How did God make my body? What can I do to nourish it and keep it working smoothly? Asking these questions will begin to change our perspective on what makes a healthy, beautiful body and how to nourish it from the inside out.  Lets begin, the time is now!


Our digestive system makes up 80 % of our immune system; giving it the enormous power to control how you feel: energized or lethargic, clean or toxic, soothed or inflamed, healthy or sick. If your digestive system is filled with processed foods and sugars, it will build up toxins in the lining and leak into your body causing inflammation, disease, sickness, and even cancer. 

That is only a glimpse of what could be going on in your body. This is the perspective we all need on how our body should function; not how our pants fit or what size dress we are! 

We get so caught up in the image of ourselves that we do not give credit to the Maker that has not only formed you perfectly, but intricately placed organs, tissues, and bones together to keep you thriving! I am a 25 year old American woman and was introduced to this perspective as a young girl. I can't say I have never struggled with identity or self image, but I was given the tools to combat it with truth. First, the Bible and second, an assortment of knowledge of food being your medicine. I saw my grandfather go through a total healing process, and I was fascinated! The Lord put these lovely fruits and vegetables on the earth for us, to heal us, and give us nutrients. Your body is made to heal itself! We just give it too much stuff to break down that makes it overworked and cannot begin to heal the necessary organs.

NOURISH verb was not designed as a weight loss program. There is not a calorie count or a point system; it is a way for your body to crave the things that can actually heal it! NOURISH is designed to cleanse your body of toxins created by processed foods and restore your body to its natural state. The 21 day cleanse is designed to educate and empower you to see the healing properties of food and to choose wellness as a part of daily life.

JOIN IN THIS MONTH AND LOVE YOUR BODY! #loveyourbody #nourishverb

Sign up before February 18th and be apart of the Wellness Wolf pack, starting the cleanse on February 20th! This group is designed to encourage and answer any questions you may have during the cleansing process!