It's Resolution Time again!

New years resolutions can be daunting and most people seem to make resolutions they cannot keep, or throw that whole "resolution" thing out the window! 

I have struggled with resolution making  myself. I have looked back on past resolution and laughed! I had a new resolution for every aspect of my life: career, hobby, health, exercise, relationship, and even spiritual resolutions!

It was exhausting and no wonder none of them were successful.

So moving forward, I have created an outline on how to make resolutions more successful:

1. focus on 1-2 areas of your life (not 10-12!). This will help create an effective change and form a healthy habit and not stretch you too thin. 

2. Create SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time sensitive) This will make your resolution actually come to fruition! example: being a better friend is not SMART ;)

3. Write them down, tell a friend or spouse, and keep accountability!

4. Give yourself some grace during this process of changing your habits. It has taken you some time to create an unhealthy habit and now it takes time to fix!

The best way to make resolutions is to see where you have been lacking attention and take action from there! Is it your relationships? your health? your career? your faith? 

Only you know where you need to focus in 2016! See is as an opportunity to change and not a duty. 

If your body is giving you warning signs and you know you need a change in your health and well-being, then the 21 day cleanse may be just the thing to start your new year! Check out the rest of the website and start your cleansing journey today! 


- Sara Joy Karr