I grew up eating my daily vegetables and fruits because that is what I was taught to eat. Rarely were there desserts and processed snacks lying around the house. From an early age, I was taught valuable lessons about the power of the foods you eat. This mindset was led by my grandfather. My grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma cancer in 1991. With 6 months to live, he decided to take holistic measures. He and my grandmother flew out to Mexico and checked-in to the Gerson Institute and learned that if you give your body enough time and nutrients, it can heal itself, and it did (and he wrote a book about it)! His story and lifestyle change affected how our whole family looks at food and wellness.

Once I hit college, I bought a juicer of my own and there was no turning back! My passion is to educate, empower, and encourage those around me to see food differently! I want others to see that eating a clean isn't scary, overwhelming, or bland- but quite the opposite! My heart is to facilitate physical and spiritual restoration in the hearts of others through Christ’s love and holistic care.